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Warp+ VPN application (, has a huge number of users, thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface, access to the internet through Warp+ VPN ( so high speed. Today I will share with you the latest list of Key 2022 (updated July 31, 2022). In this crucial list, I have buffed more than 20PB data per key, comfortable capacity, almost unlimited for you to use.

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What is is a public DNS resolver operated by Cloudflare that offers a fast and private way to browse the Internet. Unlike most DNS resolvers, does not sell user data to advertisers. In addition, has been measured to be the fastest DNS resolver available.

How to enter key Warp+

First, install the application.

Then follow 3 steps below:

Step 1: Backup old key

Goto Menu > Account > Key > Copy key > Paste to Notes, Messenger or Telegram, etc... 

You need to do this step and step 3 when you use a key that is shared in public.

Bước 2: Enter key

Copy a key in list > Goto Menu > Account > Key > Change key > Save

Bước 3: Enter your old key again

After waiting for the app to display the data, re-enter the old key just backed up. From now on you can use Warp + comfortably.
Cách Nhập key


  • If you use a shared key on the web (public), you should do all 3 steps because when you share the shared key, someone else may erase the device, and the app reset key returns 0GB
  • And if you use the key I sent or the bot sent (private), just do step 2!

Share Key Warp+ Lastest 2022

Due to pretty much of people using my web, some keys will be entered into the app and take the error "An unknown error occurred" or "Too many connected devices". You may ignore it and choose another key.

Currently, FayeDark already supports receiving the key via chatbot on Telegram. Have a look at this article: Guide to getting Warp+ key via Telegram Bot

Contact support:

You can contact me for support to get the latest key. I will respond as quickly as possible =]]

List key Already has more than 20 PB data

Update 31/07/2022:

If it is not working, scroll down and see the link to the full list key!

    The full key list link is here

    Link key Bot Telegram

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